Let’s face it, we could have used so many cheesy analogies to represent the Entrepreneur’s journey… The road less traveled, a mountain to climb or a marathon are all fitting, but the common route that 98% of people take is referred to as “Climbing the corporate ladder”. So let’s make the transition to the 2% as painless as possible.

Ladders… Yeah, I think that’s fitting. It’s the reason we called this experiment Makers Ladder. Remember- you are the Maker (Entrepreneur) and the Ladder is your chosen method for success. So let’s just “Climb a different ladder” since we have been taught our entire lives, how to climb ladders.

Simple right?

Talking about “different” ladder. First off- you need to be “a little different”, “not normal” or “flat out crazy” to climb a different kind of ladder. Otherwise everyone would do it right?

What makes these ladders so different?

Well for starters, they are unpredictable. They’re not your typical step ladder. You know, the kind that looks like this:

I mean, with a step ladder you pretty much know what you’re going to get. Think about the experience of using a step ladder… It goes a little something like this.

We have all at least stepped on the FIRST RUNG of a step ladder right? Even if we haven’t climbed all the way to the top of the ladder at least we have made it to the first rung. Stepping onto the first rung pretty much takes zero risk and barely any effort. It’s comfortable. It’s safe. It’s easy, but we have elevated our status at least a little. It’s like getting that first job. we get a feeling of accomplishment. We STARTED! That’s a huge deal in itself.

Now, step it up to that SECOND RUNG. That takes a little more effort to elevate ourselves to that next level doesn’t it? This is getting exhilarating! The feeling of taking our lives to the next level is without a doubt something I can get used to, but we can’t stay on the second rung forever. Eventually we get comfortable if we stay too long. After all, I heard the view from the top looks a lot nicer. We start to yearn to take another step.

But wait… There is one problem. We begin to realize something. There is someone standing on that 3rd rung. What the heck? “Excuse me. Please move. I’m trying to climb up here!”

The first 2 rungs were easy. Why is there someone standing in my way? Then someone higher up says… “I’m sorry, there isn’t a lot of room up here. You just need to wait for the people ahead of you to climb up or fall off in order for you to move up.”

If you didn’t already get the analogy from the first few sentences, the idea is starting to sink in isn’t it? We can all relate. Each rung we climb gets a little harder and the responsibility you have at each level is a little bit more. But the reality is- this ladder we were taught to climb isn’t exactly empty. Far from it actually. It’s full of people.

All of the sudden, the idea of getting to the top seems almost impossible and the reward for getting there doesn’t even seem to be worth the effort anymore. This act of “climbing” sure as heck feels a lot more like standing still. After all 98% of the 7 billion people in the world are climbing ladders that look like this. Get in line and wait your turn.

This isn’t meant to be a knock on the corporate ladder. Corporations big and small employ millions of people throughout the world and more importantly serve as the financial vehicle to help them and their families with the means to make a living.

There is nothing remotely wrong with that.

We are merely suggesting that there are ladders that exist to serve the 2% of people who think a little different. The kind of person who imagines a different kind of ladder. A ladder that doesn’t necessarily have a defined structure. Ladders that look a little more like these:

What all of these ladders have in common is- they are unpredictable. Few people would dare climb them. But the few who do- risk everything and because of this- reach heights that for most, seem unthinkable.

Not everyone who climbs them make it to the top. In fact, most people aren’t “cut out” to make it to the top. It’s not easy. Of course it’s not. Most people will tell you you’re crazy for attempting to climb a ladder like that. People aren’t standing in line waiting to climb them either.

I started off by saying that to climb a different kind of ladder, you need to think a little different too. So if you’re daring enough to climb one of these ladders, we might as well teach you how right?

First- let’s start by defining the 3 types of ladders we are qualified to teach you how to climb and investigate the pros and cons of each. It is your mission if you are a 2%er to figure out which ladder you are going to take. The ladder that is “right” for you. In some cases- once you master one, you can learn to climb another. Hell- why don’t you eventually learn how to climb all 3, Evil Keneival?

The 3 ladders of business: 

Ladder 1 – Traditional Business   [ ENTER HERE ]

Ladder 2 – Franchises   [ ENTER HERE ]

Ladder 3 – Network Marketing   [ ENTER HERE ]