Welcome to the spot for everything ENTREPRENEUR. Starting a business? There is no wrong way. Get ideas and choose the route in business that is right for you.

What we aren’t here to do… sell you on what you should do. Doesn’t your mom and dad do that already? This is your life. You choose.

What we are here to do… give you a pat on the back and slap on the ass. First off- Congratulations! You made a choice to be here so that probably means you’re at least interested in the idea of “Climbing a different ladder”; A ladder that doesn’t look anything like the corporate kind. We want to commend you for taking the leap. Secondly- It’s time to get after it! Feel free to indulge in our free content driven at helping you on your entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re just stopping by to check out an article or a constant visitor taking your business to another level, we have your back.

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